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Your business is truly unique, so are your bookkeeping needs. At mma, we understand that industry by industry, season by season bookkeeping needs change from client to client. That is why our services are tailor-made for your business. Our wide range of experience and expertise allows us to offer:

  • Flexible rate structures

  • Ala carte bookkeeping services

  • Individualized software training


At mma professionalbookkeepingservices, llc we take our professional relationships with our clients personally. Feel free to take a look at a few of the services we have to offer … and please don't be afraid to ask for something you may not see here.

Financial Reporting


Financial Reporting Services Include:

Month-end closeout procedures.
Reconciliation of all bank accounts.
Monthly financial packets delivered to your office consisting of:
- Month-End Balance Sheets
- Income Statements
- General Ledger Details
- Month-End A/R and A/P Aging Reports
Quarterly meetings with corporate CPAs, including year-end planning for corporate tax strategy.
Year-end General Ledger Detail with copies necessary to hand to corporate CPA for proper corporate tax preparation.



Payroll Services Include:

Ongoing preparation of all your timecards.
Processing and production of payroll checks with timely delivery to your office.
Preparation of payroll tax liability deposits.
Payroll register reports with back-up data.
Preparation, production and monthly filing of quarterly and annual payroll tax reports (i.e. 941, 940, V.D.T. and V.E.C. reports).
Timely preparation of all W-2's and accompanying W-3's at year end.

Accounts Receivable


Accounts Receivable Services Include:

Timely processing of all your accounts receivable information.
Data entry, processing and preparation of your invoices.
Recording of all cash receipts.
Production of A/R Aging Report.
Preparation of all finalized invoices ready for mailing.

Accounts Payable


Accounts Payable Services Include:

Timely processing of all your accounts payable information.
Data entry, processing and production of all your accounts payable checks.
Production of A/P Aging Report.
Preparation of all checks ready for your signature and mailing.
Preparation of 1099's in plenty of time for year end.



On-Site training for business owners and employees
Software training includes:

...and More
Advanced Courses Available

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